Pastor Dave

Hi, my name is David Johnson and I am the Pastor here at First Christian Church.  I was born and raised in Dodge City and still live there at this time.  I graduated from High School in Dodge City and went across the United States to go to Kentucky Christian College.  After school I served churches in Kentucky, Indiana, New Mexico and of course Kansas.  After 17 years in the Ministry I decided to go my own way and do something else with my life.  I want to really emphasize the word “my” in that last statement.  I certainly am guilty of following my desires and not the way of the Lord.

I kept myself plenty busy being a single parent and raising two boys.  Both of my boys graduated from Fort Hays.  My oldest, Joshua is married to Lora and they have two kids (also known as grandchildren, want to see some pictures?) and Luke is still single and looking.  Both live in the Kansas City area.

As much as I tried to find happiness in this world and in the things of this world it can’t be done.  The only real happiness in the world is found in the arms of Jesus Christ.  Through a lot of Christ lead events I ended up back in Dodge City and found my wife Sharyl as well as a deep desire to get my life right with God.  Again God did some of his magic and I ended up here in Cimarron.  I never go a day without thanking the Lord for his grace and his forgiveness and especially for the opportunity to serve Him with the greatest people in the world.

Let me be the first if nobody else has done it, to invite you to come and worship with us.  We certainly aren’t the perfect church for if it was I wouldn’t be here as it’s minister and probably wouldn’t have a very large attendance.  We are imperfect people but we love the Lord and would love to have you worship with us.

It’ all about Jesus,